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Our Services

BSI is comprised of highly experienced consultants and subject matter experts in multiple business disciplines. The company specializes in healthcare modernization, information technology, and professional services. For each service, we streamline the process, increase security and enhance productivity, while improving program efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Information Technology

The BSI Team partners with you to deliver value-added, IT solutions to support your mission. We deliver a wide range of Enterprise IT Solutions to our Government partners, including, but not limited to

  • Custom Program Management Application Development

  • Enterprise Architecture and System Integration

  • Quality Assurance/Independent Verification & Validation

  • Software Development and Maintenance Services

  • IT Infrastructure, Server and Data Centers Management

  • Cloud Computing Infrastructure Consulting and Advising

  • Website/Patient Portal Development and Management

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Organizational Key Performance Indicators

  • IT Operations & Maintenance

  • IT Help Desk Management


Healthcare Modernization

At BSI, one of our aims is also to utilize IT, Software and Database management services to aid government agencies of our country modernize their healthcare system and make records accessing fast, reliable, and secure. To do so, we are also providing IT services in the healthcare sector in the following areas:

  • Updating outdated Medical Coding and Billing Systems

  • Electronic Health Records Implementation and Maintenance  

  • Mobile Health Application Development and Training

  • Training and Support Services for Operating New IT Devices

  • Creating Coding/Billing Systems for Hospitals

  • Medical Manpower & Human Resource Management

  • Health Assessment Services

  • Development of Patient Portals

  • Dental Clinical Support and Operation


Professional Services

The BSI Team offers management and support services that provides innovative solutions to empower your organization BSI delivers integrated solutions through high-end administrative and professional management services to our federal/state/local government clients. We have vast experience supporting our customers in the following areas:

  • Acquisition Planning and Management

  • Facilities Planning/Continuity of Operations

  • Performance Metrics Development

  • Executive and Reception Personnel Support

  • Agency and Travel Help Desk

  • Program/Project Management and Implementation

  • Financial and Account Management Services

  • Reception Personnel Support and IT Helpdesk Services

  • New Employee Training and Development Programs

  • Data Management and Organization Services


Cybersecurity Services

As a top priority for our nation, BSI understands the importance of understanding your network and its vulnerabilities. We deliver a wide range of Cyber Security Solutions to our Government partners to help them safeguard critical infrastructures and meet their emerging mission needs, including:

  • Cybersecurity Program Development & Management

  • Chief Information Support Officer Services

  • Cybersecurity Program Management Office (CyberPMO)

  • Cybersecurity Strategy Development & Requirements Analysis

  • Risk Assessment & Management services

  • Network and Cloud Security services (VPN, Gateways, Firewall)

  • Incident Response with Security Awareness Training

  • Security Compliance and Risk Assessment  Training

  • System Security Consulting and Advising

  • Securing government infrastructure and ensuring its protection

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