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Human Resources Management

The BSI Team delivers first-class Human Resources Management services, support and technology that can help your enterprise meet demands and maximize performance

BSI has demonstrated its human resources capability in supporting federal agencies to maximize its operational activities.  BSI led an organizational self-assessment effort that provided management with valuable insights into the staff’s level of satisfaction with the management and operational processes.  BSI developed surveys to provide recommendations for improving management and performance. BSI analyzed and summarized the results and briefed both management and staff on the results, and developed recommendations to improve employee satisfaction. 

BSI is designed to implement the suggestions for process improvement that flowed from the self-assessment that is linked to the Individual Performance Plans (IPPs) and Individual Development Plans (IDPs).  This linkage provides each employee with a clear line of sight from his or her Individual Plans through the operational plans and up to the strategic plan, thus effectively aligning human resources on the accomplishment of the strategic objectives articulated in the Strategic Plan. 

BSI assists in designing and delivering staff and management training and other learning opportunities to support the deployment of the process improvements.  Learning opportunities include benchmarking high performing organization in providing a comprehensive new employee training program that addresses mission requirements and online training materials and capability to standardize and customize training needs at the individual level for use on easily accessible, centralized, robust training programs.


BSI has the capability to implement the Balanced Workforce Strategy (BWS) which provides assessments and make decisions regarding the balance and effective use of Federal and contractor workforces in achieving its mission. Balancing the entire government workforce requires determining the proper mix of Federal employees and contractors.  Each Department/Agencies (D/As) maximizes the method of this effort, and how it will be implemented. The goals and objectives of BWS are:

  1. Analyze and achieve the appropriate mix of Federal and contractor skills, expertise, experience and other assets necessary to effectively achieve the D/A’s mission

  2. To ensure that inherently governmental functions and unauthorized personal services are not performed by contractors

  3. To dedicate an adequate number of Federal employees to the performance of critical functions to ensure that the D/As can maintain control of its mission and operations

  4. To consider supporting Federal employees to perform new functions and information sharing functions. Functions (not inherently governmental) that are performed by contractors which could also be performed by Federal employees

  5. To integrate management and planning activities to reduce risk to the D/A’s mission and promote improvements in the D/A’s economy, efficiency and performance


BSI provides expertise, innovation and efficiencies to D/As and its federal employees in meeting these responsibilities. 

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